In the fast moving life scene of the day, regularly diminishing cushion time for routine house hold duties, increasing responsibilities, mentality to share the income generating with the life partner and many more likewise human needs, have generated the house keeping as an emerging industry. Presently housekeeping services have taken the form of a vast and challenging job and a large number of persons with various calibers are associated with this. In urban areas, where a spot on building is compared to a spot on clothing, cleaning services have been developed with unbelievable pace. Shopping Malls, departmental stores, hospitals, banks, corporate offices etc are the places where cleanliness is required at all time as a part of hygiene and sanitation as well as for making an impact on the business too.   

Among all the institutions mentioned above, housekeeping services are much needed work in corporate offices and shopping malls. A large number of visits made to these installations daily. Various housekeeping companies are providing their services based on the demands with satisfaction to user in shorter time period with 100% professional level. Some companies are having their own cleanliness staff with required articles but still housekeeping companies are paying a vital role in maintaining the costly buildings. Employees of these companies are professionally trained personal and equipped with adequate cleaning materials. Speed, accuracy and finishing touch without any harm to the property or asset of the user is another added feature which makes the demand of this service alive.   Professionally trained person can do this job better than a normal person.

In industries, the representatives of the housekeeping companies also carry out the microscopic inspection of the sophisticated and costly machinery before implementing their cleaning services. For discharging their jobs, cleaning category is the main working criteria of these companies. Service charge in turn, is very minimal in comparison to the level of the offices/institutions made higher by providing cleaning services. Cleaning material used during their services is soft and according to the work area.  Vacuum cleaners, spinners and filters are also used by the housekeeping companies to maintain the cleanliness standard according to the fame of company. In the whole world, housekeeping services are being hired with good payouts as the management or administration prefers maintenance rather than money being spent on it. Reputation of various Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls and other indoor/out-door public places is exactly depend upon the housekeeping services associated with them or not.

As this service industry is growing at a fast pace, many cleaning companies are emerging nowadays. A cleaning company is a group of professionals who are required to look after the cleaning contracts undertaken by them. Their basic duty is to get the cleaning work done by their cleaning staff. With the technological advancement, a commercial cleaning company employs a wide variety of cleaning equipments and chemicals. Their main equipments are sweeping machines, auto scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning solvents, etc. Their staff is well trained to carry out the cleaning work and they are highly professional in their approach. They provide a range of services from simple household chores to commercial cleaning which require a lot of expertise.